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Basic Russian skills in 30 hrs.

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Holding certificates in advanced English, our teachers are native Russian speakers

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The program of the course includes all our expertise in foreign language teaching over the last 3 years

Project director
Kateryna Samokhvalova

Hi everyone!

My name is Kateryna Samokhvalova, I am a project director and a teacher in this online school.

Since 2010 I have been teaching Russian to foreigners from the US and Europe while being a native Russian speaker. I was born in Ukraine, where I got Bachelor in Linguistics. After that I travelled a lot throughout Europe and spent an academic year in the USA, Michigan.

I know that learning Russian and other languages is a persistent and time-consuming process that needs financial resources.

Our Russian Tutoring course by Skype will help you minimize the expenses and time spent.

Within past 6 years we have taught 128 students and developed our own unique method of Russian teaching – the effective and efficient techniques only.

Practice shows that the best result is the one that is achieved through systematic approach:

our secret method + teacher native speaker + homework + check + feedback

Home task is given in the end of every lesson. Send the task you carried out to your teacher and get a feedback.

Perfectly suits

Businessmen working with Russian businesses


You will be able to keep up the conversation with your business partner

For children and grandchildren of immigrants


Give your child an opportunity to study Russian in its original comprehensive way as it was in your school back at home

When travelling to Russian speaking countries


Learn how to ask questions and understand the Russian speech. The key vocabulary for travellers are in the course

To avoid translator services in private chats


If you have found your second half and he/she happens to be Russian, don’t hesitate and take a course

Unveiling the three-step teaching technique:

These three are the main ingredients of our entire tutoring cuisine. Pronunciation – Vocabulary – Grammar technique is the one we adhere to at every lesson. The further you go, the more you’ll know.

1 Step

Learn how to read

First, we’ll teach you how to say the Russian letters and, hence, put them together into words. The teacher will help you sound out the difficult «r» and remember the rules where some consonants are devoiced. If you know the letters, you will be able to read menus, signs and names of places. There are many words that sound the same but look different.

2 Step

Memorize simple words

There are those essential words that every person needs when travelling overseas, like ‘hello’ or ‘how much’ or the first-hand question phrases. Moreover, students usually underestimate the importance of knowing the numbers, thus the way prices or time sound. This is what you will go through with your teacher once you guys decide you are confident with basic reading.

3 Step

Basic grammar

Russian grammar is no more complex than that of any other language. We are going to teach you the basics of our language which will point you in the right direction.

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After learning you will be able to understand and speak Russian easily. Since we are teaching English and Russian both ways, you will be able to speak to a native Russian who is learning English in our online school. It’s been a good tradition for some time now. This option is free of charge after you do the Russian course

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Teacher's Tips

Three major things for mastering russian

It is always a wonderful idea to learn a new language. You must have decided to do it for some reason and, of course, right now you are extremely eager to start talking. A lot of students take up Russian and expect great results right away, especially, if they have already taken Spanish or French at school. However, you need to remember that Russian is Cyrillic language and has a different grammatical structure.

Prompt results: Possible?

Your speaking will come easier if you know grammar. You will certainly learn all common words and phrases in order to travel across Russia, although the language is not entirely flexible in case you do not know how to make up your own sentences. Our students come to understanding of this point when they learn Russian extensively for several months. The more you learn, the more you want to grasp.

Everyone begins to ask why this or that ending follows the word; and your teacher will be happy to explain everything in detail. However, one person out of five on the course gets the feeling that Russian is complicated and learning grammar is a tedious task, as a result they quit. What a bummer! The advice in such a case would be: get prepared for studying grammar, it’s easy!

Reading everything

Your goal is to be able to read any words in Russian correctly even unknown ones. You might have heard that reading is very essential in learning the language. However, the experience of teaching Russian to foreigners dictates something else. Students who turn to us for help want to be able to keep up a simple conversation with a Russian person. This is possible, of course, just take up about 10 lessons to learn phrases by heart.

Fluency, however, will come once you master reading. You are progressing when you discover that the notes you take during the lesson are written in Russian alphabet rather than English versions of Russian sounds. This skill usually comes around when you can read any words in Russian.

How spread is russian in your country?

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself! Learn step by step with your online tutor rather than trying to swallow the entire cake at once. Think about this: is Russian as popular in your country as English is in hundred foreign countries? Namely, how often do you see Russian posters or listen to Russian music together with movies, etc? Exactly! There isn’t much of that nowadays. English, unlike Russian, is everywhere. A student of English does not have a hard time learning to read because English is a popular culture these days. So, if you had seen Russian all around you since you ae young, you would have known a lot more by now. So, let a teacher lead you through this

128 People already speak russian

Rating is 4.9/5 based on 128 customer reviews

I turned to them a few months ago. Russian seemed a disaster at first)) We did pronunciation rules first and some simple reading. It seems like learning the words is the most important part since you don’t know the language at all. Everything went cool, my tutor was helpful, she taught me some techniques to memorize the words. One of the best ways to learn Russian online is to start speaking at the very first lesson with your tutor here at

— Cristina, 26 —

It’s all about the attitude you have to learning. It is whether you like to study or not. I took the 6 months’ course and learned a lot! I loved the way my teacher explained the details and how she found parallels between the languages. It makes you feel more comfortable. Russian isn’t that bizarre after all. I am travelling extensively these days and speak Russian a lot. So, I am glad I turned to This is an accredited online school that helps people understand another language

— Mandy, 44 —
Cavin Smith

I am a cook at Miller’s Time Out restaurant and bar. I heard about the school from my sister. I have always had a bit of a fascination with language and have wanted to learn a few. Russian seemed like a good place to start. I was a little hesitant at first, Russian can be a bit difficult to master but when you do, other languages will seem easier. Ultimately, I’m glad I made the decision to take lessons. if you stick to the plan you can pick up the language rather quickly. It’s fun learning a new language, it brings a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Learn language through Skype at the time convenient for you

— Cavin Smith, 28 —

This is George S. from Los Angeles… Producer. I met a nice Ukrainian girl online and we both decided to take lessons in each other’s language. I found this school on Google and started taking lessons. I am half Slavic and have memories of speaking Russian as a small child but forgot it in the school system. Since I don’t think I have talent for language, I am surprised at the progress I make. For me, it is similar to a child learning to speak and I wish I could have a lesson every day because the progress would be faster. I enjoy the progress I make and I am even learning how to type which is easier than I thought. The next time I’m in Kyiv I will be able to speak with my friends and understand more.

— George, 60 —

Support In Russian Certificate Preparation

If you need to take the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL) we can help you get prepared for this. Supervised by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science the test has a major importance for future work and education

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