Online Russian Language Course - Lesson # 6

Reading the colours

Let’s practice reading with colours. There are about as many colours in Russian as there are in English. However, you will notice difference in the names of blue. There is голубой (baby blue)and there is also синий (dark blue). In everyday life голубойis used more frequently. For example, the sky is blue, that would be baby blue.

So, here are 10 colours for you to read and learn. Under each color you will see the transcription, which helps to read sound by sound, if you are not sure in pronunciation. It may seem funny at first, but students use it a lot.

Цвета. Colours.

Красный цвет
(red colour)
[kráh – snyzvyet]
Оранжевый цвет
(orange colour)
[oráh – njeh – vyzvyet]
Жёлтый цвет
(yellow colour)
[jyól – ty zvyet]
Зелёный цвет
(green colour)
[zeh – lyó – nyzvyet]
голубой цвет
(baby blue)
[gah – loo – bóyzvyet]
синий цвет
(blue colour)
[sí – niyzvyet]
фиолетовый цвет
(purple colour)
[fee – ah – lyé – tah – vyzvyet]
чёрный цвет
(black colour)
[chyór – nyzvyet]
белый цвет
(white colour)
[bye ́– lyzvyet]
коричневый цвет
(brown colour)
[kah – rích – nye – vyzvyet]

Now, when you know how to say the colours. Let’s move on to something new for you. How would you say ‘a black cat’, for example? If you already know the word ‘кот’ then it is a very good start. Nevertheless, in Russian it is not enough to put a colour then an object next to it and that’s it. The genders of the objects play an essential role. They determine the ending of a colour or any other adjective.

Here are some colours used with objects. Read them properly and pay attention to the endings that change according to the gender of a noun.

Чёрная кошка
black cat
Чёрный карандаш
black pensil
Чёрное платьеblack dress
Зелёная машина
green car
Зелёный автобус
green bus
Зелёное окно
green window
Красная лампа
red bulb
Красный стол
red table
Красное солнце
red sun
Жёлтая карта
yellow card
Жёлтый телефон
yellow telephone
Жёлтое мыло
yellow soap

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