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Elena Volochaeva
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About tutor

Russian is my native language. Since my childhood, I have enjoyed helping other people and to teach them. In 2015 I created a speaking club in the company, which I was working for. Then I have created a speaking club, as a separate group, which still exists since 2017. I consider that a recipe for success of speaking foreign language is a constant practice and a desire to study. In my life I devote the biggest part of my free time for studying foreign languages. Because of this, except of Russian, I speak also Polish, English and Ukrainian languages.

I receive a great pleasure and enjoy very much, when I help other people in learning languages and when I see their success. During the meetings of our speaking club, and also during the individual lessons I was very pleased, when almost without knowledge how to speak before, people began to speak a foreign language. And when because of studying they managed to get a place in the desired highly paid job, prepare for a business trip, go abroad for a few months.

As for me a key to success in long-term relationships with students, as well as what I love the most about teaching, is that I like to inspire other people, inculcate them love and thirst for learning foreign languages I manage to find a common language with students and select an individual learning method for each. The main thing that we should always remember is that everything could be studied interesting and with a pleasure.

Preferred student age
Preschoolers (4-6)
Primary school (6-12)
Secondary school (12-17)
Undergraduates (17-22)
Adults (23-40)
Adults (40+)
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Pre Intermediate
Upper Intermediate
Conversational Russian
General Russian
Intensive Russian
Russian for beginners
Russian for children

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